A Brief History of Skyline

Skyline Laboratories, Inc. purchased the assets of Hawley and Hawley Assayers & Chemists, Tucson, Arizona in 1973. Hawley and Hawley Assayers was recognized as one of the leading base metal, umpire, and ore-grade laboratories in the Southwest with over 40 years experience in the Copper Industry. Skyline continued that tradition of excellence in Assaying for 24 years. In 1997 Skyline Laboratories, Inc. was bought by Actlabs, Inc. and began "doing business as" Actlabs-Skyline. As of January 1, 2006 the laboratory again became an independent business. Skyline Assayers & Laboratories is the registered trade name of Arizona Assayers Inc. Skyline is recognized as an industry leader for all types of base metal, ferrous and non-ferrous analysis including high quality ore-grade assays, sequential copper analyses of ores, and umpire assays of metallurgical products. The Tucson laboratory continues to provide the same high quality analytical service to the Copper Mining Industry as it has for over a century.




Mike Jacobson
Lab Manager, Chief Assayer, Arizona Assayer Emeritus, No. 52700
Mike has been with Skyline Labs since 2006. Graduate of the Univerity of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Mike has over 10 years’ experience in laboratory operations, including precious metals fire assay technique, instrumental analysis by AAS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, and analysis of Base Metals, Fluorine, Acid Consumption and Gypsum. Mike obtained his Registered Assayer Certification in 2011, and currently retains the status “Assayer Emeritus”.
Bill Lehmbeck
Consultant, Arizona Assayer Emeritus, No. 9425
Bill was a former co-owner of Skyline Labs. Bill was Manager of the Tucson operation from 1973 through 2000, and has served as consultant to the laboratory since 2001.
Nancy G. Gungor
Vice President of Business Operations, Quality Manager
Nancy joined Skyline in 2008. Business graduate from the University of Arizona, in the mining industry since 2002. Nancy has experience in promoting to and establishing logistics for clients in US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa and Zambia.
J. Robert Clark, Ph.D.
President, Geologist/Geochemist
Dr. Clark is the principal owner of Skyline Assayers & Laboratories. Dr. Clark is the inventor of the Enzyme LeachSM, and he co-developed the MAGIC organic extraction system that has been widely used in a variety of analytical disciplines.